Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising is the most popular form of online advertising today for a few important reasons: fast results, an edge over competition, and retargeting. Social Media advertising is like the Knight in a game of chess. It gets to your target audience at another angle, and can put you above your competitors quickly, making it an absolutely essential component to your overall digital marketing campaign. You wouldn’t want to start playing chess without your Knights, and we wouldn’t want you to do marketing without your Social Media Advertising either.


The Web Marketing USA Social Media advertising management team takes your investment very seriously, since social media advertising is one of the most rewarding forms of online advertising. When executed properly, it is extremely profitable and extremely quick to monetize. At Web Marketing USA, our clients often see a return on investment within the first day of doing a Social Media advertising campaign.


These services are guaranteed to increase your sales by at least several hundred percent, while at the same time reducing your customer acquisition cost.

  • We set up a clear outline of your marketing objectives: Are your social media advertising goals for landing conversions while boosting your social media signals? Or for creating brand awareness? Every detail of the campaign needs to be focused toward a distinct goal.
  • We define your budget: With Social Media advertising, it’s easy to end up spending a lot on ads without a good return, depending on your campaign goal (cost per click, cost per impression, or cost per acquisition). We take careful consideration to identify the best strategy whether it’s running a campaign on Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter or Snapchat and plan of action to get the results you’re looking for and get the best ROI we can possibly aim for.
  • We consider trends and A/B testing:  Alongside your audience and objectives to find the most optimal strategy for your success, our management team will always offer recommendations based on proven expertise strategies and market knowledge. We run A/B testing campaigns and get aggressive once we feel that a certain ad is perfected and is performing well.
  • We keep you informed: We study the latest trends in advertising to stay ahead of our competition. Our Social Media advertising management team works around the clock to stay at the cutting-edge of the latest marketing techniques.

When you invest in social media advertising, you have a wide open avenue to get targeted traffic, brand awareness, incredible click through rates and the best conversions. Match that exposure with incredible content, analytics, experience and user experience, and Social Media advertising could drive unforeseeable numbers for traffic and conversions.



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