How can Google Plus Marketing help my business?


How can Google Plus Marketing help my business?

It seems there are always new social media platforms for businesses to utilize in order to reach customers. Google’s entry, Google+, hasn’t had the easiest time of it, but that doesn’t mean you should discount using it for your business. Every platform has it’s supporters and detractors, and Google is no different. When Google+ first launched, users were upset because the platform was seemingly forced upon people. If you wanted to do anything with Google, it seemed, you had to set up a Google+ profile.


Thankfully, they changed course from this method of forced sign up for users, and have made participation more voluntary. Despite the compulsory signup, many businesses and users have complained that there are few users to engage with on the platform. Of course, if you say that on Google+, you’ll likely start quite a fight with its loyal users. Why are they loyal? Well, for one, the quality of conversation and engagement is far better on Google+ than on Facebook and Twitter.


Facebook can be difficult for individual users to engage with each other regarding your brand if they’re not friends with one another. Twitter is perhaps too easy for users to engage with each other. No platform is perfect, and no one platform will suit every customer. The truth is that social media engagement of business is a multifaceted and dynamic task to tackle. Most customers may engage with your brand on Facebook via a fan page. Some would rather engage in 140 character increments on Twitter. Highly visual customers are flocking to Instagram and Snapchat. You can engage with customers on any of these platforms.


You want to add Google+ to your list because you’re more likely to have meaningful, and thoughtful engagement with customers there. Google+ has community functions which allow like-minded users to find one another and share their enthusiasm. Additionally, banning bad actors is much easier, and effective of Google+ than on other platforms. In many ways, it’s the best of both worlds for social media. Don’t forget too: some of the most awesome photos are shared over Google+. Thanks to Google’s auto backup, auto enhancement, and simple sharing of photos; they’ve become one of the easiest ways for you to share brand images with your customers. Google + lets you add people to circles and tag them which makes it easy for you to share content with a targeted audience and be able to get content only from people in a certain circle that you like to see.


You can also email people who you are interested to connect with. Google Hangouts allows you to have video, text, and/or audio conversations with followers. Google Plus has a feature called Google Hangouts on Air where you can host a hangout and after it’s done it can be published to Youtube to share with the world. Not only that, but you can keep the conversation going on your web browser, smartphone, or tablet. The bottom line is that no one platform will fit every business. If you’re looking for quality conversation with customers, simple sharing with followers, and easy navigation it’s hard to beat Google+.


Google Plus is also learning a lot of information about it’s users through machine learning and they are changing search experience for its search engine. If you are searching Google, then you will get different results from results that I get. For example if I search for a locksmith in Los Angeles on Google and one of my GooglePlus friends has a locksmith company and happened to share content about my query, I will get to see his website on the 1st page of Google and you will not as you are not friends with him. It’s a way Google is trying to give us more personable experience as we all prefer to do business with our friends over strangers anyway. If you’re looking to grow your following to hundreds, thousands, or millions of people in short order, then Google+ really isn’t the platform for you. This also leads to another question: If all you want are thousands of followers, what kind of engagement and brand loyalty can you really expect from your customers? Just food for thought.

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