Web Marketing USA Offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Management (such as Google AdWords), Web Design, and Web Development services.
No, Google warns against ranking guarantees. However we are so confident in our ability to rank your website, so we guarantee not to charge you a monthly fee for the 3rd month of SEO service until your website is on the 1st page of Google with at least 50% of the keywords we are optimizing for. You will also get a monthly report detailing the work we’ve completed.
Search engines are always finding ways improving their technology to return better search results to their users. However, there are limits to how search engines work. While the right SEO company can net you thousands of visitors each month, the wrong SEO company which is outdated with the latest methodologies, who only cares about their bottom line can bury your site deep in the search results or even get you penalized. Then 80% of SEO agencies outsource work to the 20% that are actually doing it. This is why working with amateur agencies is not an option at any price.
The world of SEO is complex, although most people easily understand the basics. A lot of SEO education is available online. However, you have a business to run, not time to learn and keep up with all of this “SEO stuff.” The truth is if your computer guy was really good at SEO, then your website would already be ranking. Most web developers don’t have a clue how to rank a website, but don’t want to tell you that for the fear of you thinking they are incompetent. Most people online share great info but do not share the fundamental information you need to do SEO efficiently, instead they try to send you an E-Book in hopes that you’ll buy their product.
Our Founder started learning and marketing SEO and Web design services in January 2007 and has ranked many websites over the years. We have an elite marketing team and we understand how search engines work. We stay on top of all the algorithmic updates and make sure we apply all White Hat SEO methods. We streamlined the rankings process and we apply a very thorough strategy so your website is going through a proven system and we do it in-house so we do not outsource the work to another company!
All our online marketing and web development services are strategized here in the USA by our team. Many companies will (secretly) outsource their work to the Philippines or India for cheap work. We do not outsource the strategy but we do outsource virtual assistant tasks as it is dangerous to not control the strategy and it’s not worth the risk of being penalized from Google at any price. If we were in your shoes, we would not want our SEO and SMM strategy being outsourced anywhere or in any way. We have that 100% in-house knowledge, passion, control of all processes and the discipline which puts us over the edge.
We prepare project specifications and analyze your business and its objectives. We find out about websites you like and the message you would like to communicate to your targeted audience. Then we brainstorm ideas and concepts and move forward with developing your website. We recommend WordPress most of the time. Website can be responsive, professional and include a logo, banners, contact form, call to action forms, and social widgets.
We understand how people think online and we are excellent in catching attention and in creating relationships. Web Marketing USA manages social media campaigns and finds customers for our clients by adding real followers who are interested in your products or services and who are within your region you serve. We identify potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Linkedln and Tumblr. We share promos, industry related news, create contests, use hashtags, reach out to bloggers, monitor conversations in real-time, and interact with your followers by posting engaging content that will create quality relationships and exposure for your brand. Our goal is to get your brand the most shares, likes, retweets and position you as an industry leader. We know how many people we can follow and message on major social networks. We nurture leads, listen and engage in conversations, join groups and post awesome content. We have the secret sauce. We also make sure that your passwords are 100% safe by using special tools.
We manage paid media campaigns on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin. We create a campaign and monitor it on a daily basis. We write and rewrite many variations of ads and charge a maintenance and performance fee from the total monthly spend.
Absolutely, Web Marketing USA has a team of strategic writers. We can help you with writing articles, web content, press releases, press releases, sales ad copies, we can create storyboard and concepts for your video commercials all the way to ads for your SEM campaigns. All our writers are based in USA.
The beautiful thing about digital marketing is that you often see results almost immediately. After designing your ads and getting your approval, we implement them and monitor them around the clock to ensure they are generating engagement, and most importantly, leads. The power of social media is that your ads are distributed to thousands of qualified users, every single day.
With the power of social media and Google, we can target your ads to only the people who’d be interested in your product or service. After understanding your company, and product or service, we spend countless hours performing audience research, keyword research, and building your ideal customer’s avatar. What this means is that your ads are only shown to those most likely to purchase from you. This is a huge advantage over old school advertising methods that waste your ad-dollars showing your ads to people who aren’t a right fit for your company.
Great question. The type of ad we recommend to our clients usually depends on the product or service you are offering. With some products or services, it’s easier to advertise them to a specific demographic of people. In this case we’d recommend a Facebook ad, due to Facebook’s advanced demographic targeting. In other cases, it’s better to advertise to people who may be searching for a specific product or service similar to the one you offer. In this instance, a Google ad would make more sense so that we can target users who are already searching for your product! However, there are many instances when running both types of ads simultaneously would give you the best return on your investment (ROI).

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