What should I focus on Content Marketing or SEO?


What should I focus on Content Marketing or SEO?

Today I see a lot of discussions between SEO managers and supporters of content marketing about what is better for business. The issue is that search engines are getting more sophisticated. They are crawling good and bad links. Even when they crawl the bad links they are get smarter and fix their index not to be fooled again in the future. Behavior means a lot in the ranking world today. SEO specialists feel a threat to their activity and business because results are harder to manipulate.


Content marketing is a the most modern stream in Internet promotion. It’s based on the quality and of the content. Links are not playing the main role in this case. The upside for users is that the quality of given information becomes a decisive factor. Websites are fighting in the non-commercial field to offer relevant information, interesting and useful articles, graphics, video or any other content. The downside is you won’t be able to save money on writing. You need to have strong expertise or all your efforts have a real impact.


Does it mean that we can forget about SEO? No! Basic SEO optimization is still very important. The search engines are still machines and they still obey the algorithmic laws. We still need to remember about titles, descriptions, key words, links and all other basic rules. The same goes for off-page optimization. It’s not enough just to post your article and optimize it according to existing requests in search engine. You need promote it using the same instruments of the classic SEO approach. But in SEO to get into the TOP 10 rankings is the general goal! We have our site in first 10 search results of Google and what’s on the page is really the secondary question.


As for the Content Marketing we should focus on users first. Affordable search engine optimization is desired, but not irreplaceable, because there are many ways to promote our page via social media such as Facebook, Twitter or via advertising channels such as Google Adwords or Twitter ads and then, if the content is really valuable (and viral) it spreads as a wave among a targeted audience. Incredible content will live a year or more after it’s posted until it’s not relevant relevant and will bring you leads during this active buzz. This is actually the second component of Content Marketing beyond your keywords and links.


For Content Marketing it is one of very general and the most difficult tasks. I don’t want to contrast these two ways of promotion, because you should use them both for success. In my opinion SEO feels good for now, but in a near future (probably in a year or two according to economical stabilization) SEO will evolve into Content Marketing. Because today already begun and the new age of comprehensive Internet marketing is growing rapidly, when marketing became primary, as it should be. Just give to your clients what they want, be honest and bring value.

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